The Best Bike Trails in Sarasota, Florida

bike paths in sarasota fl

The Best Bike Trails in Sarasota, Florida

Leading a healthy lifestyle in sunny Sarasota is not only easy, it’s fun too, especially if you love cycling. Whether you hop on a bike for a leisurely ride or pick up the pace for a bit of cardio, several Sarasota bike paths will make your ride that much more enjoyable.

However, knowing which bike trails are available and what they offer isn’t always easy. So, we created this handy guide to give you the scoop on the leading bike trails in Sarasota, FL. Whether you want to take in the sites Sarasota county offers or get a little exercise, you’ll find the best bike trails to visit here.

Biking – The Benefits for Health and Recreation

Leading a healthy lifestyle in this day and age is tricky. Besides fitting exercise into an already busy daily routine, finding an enjoyable activity is a challenge. However, cycling along Sarasota bike trails provides a fantastic way to work in a bit of exercise, get some fresh air, and see the sites the county has to offer. Since many of these trails take riders through some of the most breathtaking scenery, getting in some daily exercise is no longer a chore but a way of taking a breather and getting in some relaxation.

Another benefit of biking and exercising regularly is that it makes it easier to stay on track when trying to eat healthily. In addition to exercise, eating pre-prepared meals that offer excellent nutrition and taste great makes sticking to a healthy lifestyle more straightforward. And, if you’re not into cooking, using a gourmet meal service like Suncoast Meal Prep makes living and eating healthy a breeze.

Does Sarasota Have Bike Paths?

Since traveling down a bike path in Sarasota is so highly beneficial, the next question is, are there bike trails in Sarasota? The answer here is most definitely yes. Not only does the county have several bike paths, but there are also dedicated bike lanes, making it easy to take a ride around town or head off the beaten track.
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Is it Safe to Bike in Sarasota?

While it may be possible to bike in Sarasota, understanding whether it is safe is essential. Luckily, the county has taken several measures to ensure the safety of cyclists, from implementing bike lanes and traffic laws and including a safe and secure trail system throughout several nature and conservation areas.

The Best Bike Paths in Sarasota

Now that we know it’s possible and safe to go biking in Sarasota, let’s look at some of the best bike trails for cyclists to enjoy:

The Legacy Trail

Easily the most popular bike path in Sarasota, the Legacy Trail, which opened in 2008, covers over 12 miles, running from downtown Sarasota to Venice. Cyclists will find 15 rest stops along the route, including bike access points, free parking, and several trailheads, like the Sarasota Springs trailhead. Further, there are several connector points like that at north port.

Along the smoothly-paved trail, bikers will encounter several options to take in the scenery. For instance, the pathway traverses the Oscar Scherer State Park, where there is a trailhead and opportunities to go kayaking, hiking, and fishing. In addition, bikers can find another trailhead, the Osprey Junction trailhead Osprey at Bay St. Park, and go swimming in Osprey lake or head off at the trail at Laurel Park or Payne Park.

Since there are so many different trails to explore along the tree-lined route, the opportunities for grabbing some exercise and fresh air are endless. In addition, the close proximity to nature makes it easy to spot wildlife like rabbits, tortoises, and regional flora. It is always in pristine condition, managed and protected by the Friends of the Legacy Trail.
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Venetian Waterway Park Trail

Those looking for a slightly longer trail to stretch their legs can head along the 8.6-mile-long Venetian Waterway Park trail located off the final segment of the Legacy Trail, this bike path follows alongside the intercoastal highway. While often windy, it is predominantly flat and combines open green spaces with urban passages.

Culverhouse Nature Park

If you’re looking for a trail that combines several other activities, the Culverhouse Nature Park is an excellent trail to explore. One of the trailheads along the Legacy Trail, this park features a community garden and several picnic areas.

Patriots Park

Those looking to take in a little history on their ride may want to visit Patriots Park. The park serves as a memorial to the heroes and those who perished on 9/11. Here, bikers can access a trail and visit the monument, including a flag display, a steel beam from the World Trade Center, and rubble from the Pentagon.


There are many bike paths in Sarasota, FL, worth exploring, considering the combined health benefits and opportunity to take in some of the county’s beautiful scenery and monuments. So, take a moment for yourself to relax, unwind, and boost your health while exploring Sarasota’s greatest bike paths.

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