Best Pre-Workout Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels

Pre-Workout Snacks

Best Pre-Workout Snacks to Boost Your Energy Levels

Suppose you’ve been going to the gym for a while and are now trying to make it a regular part of your routine. However, despite all of your efforts, you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your workout owing to a lack of energy. Sometimes you run out of strength and wonder why it happens. The answer could be very simple: it might all come down to what you eat.

Nutrition is vital. Exercising and eating healthily go hand in hand with living a healthy life, and you must receive all the nutrients you need to hit your gym objectives. While you may consume protein-packed smoothies following your workouts, you might fail to give your body the essential nourishment to maximize all of the energy you spend.

how much to eat before a workout

When, What, and How Much to Eat Before a Workout

Timing is very important. If you exercise early in the morning, your body hasn’t had any energy in a while and requires something to kickstart it. Have a light snack 30 minutes before working out.

Have had a big meal? Give your stomach some time to digest and let your body rest for a couple of hours before going to the gym. Between meals, you can eat a snack 30-60 minutes before starting your workouts to get the energy you needed.
Just keep in mind that everybody has a different tolerance for food before working out. By trial and error, you’ll determine a time that works best for you.

It is also important to know how much energy you’re going to spend during the workout:

If your workout is shorter than 45 minutes, you may simply need a snack up to 1 hour before, water throughout, and a snack after. An excellent post-workout snack will have a carbohydrate-to-protein ratio of 3:1 (like chocolate milk).

Aim for 30 to 60 grams of carbs per hour for endurance exercises lasting 1 to 2.5 hours. This will supply enough carbohydrates to augment your muscle glycogen stores during activity.

Aim for 60 to 90 grams of carbs per hour for endurance exercises lasting more than 2.5 hours. If you have stomach problems, reduce the number of carbs you ingest every hour.

snacks to eat beforeBest 5 Snacks to Eat Before Any Type of Workout

Let’s think about what you can eat before working out so you can hit your targets faster and feel better in and out of the gym. It will not be difficult, and the benefits will be well worth it. Here are five terrific pre-workout snacks to help you get energized before working out.

  • Apple with nut butter

In addition to tasting great together, apple and nut butter make a great pre-workout snack. The apple provides your body with glucose, while the nut butter is the source of protein.

  • Oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts

When it comes to pre-workout nutrition, oatmeal is an underappreciated champion. It contains complex carbs that provide slow-release energy. Extremely simple to prepare (just add hot water) and affordable, oatmeal is a perfect snack that becomes super delicious if you add various dried fruits and nuts.

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  • Cottage cheese with fresh berries

For a quick and easy snack on the go, combine fresh berries with cottage cheese or yogurt. Although this may take a little longer to digest, it will help you get through a longer workout and keep you satisfied until you can have a decent post-workout meal.

  • Protein Smoothie

Smoothies are an excellent pre-workout snack when made with the proper ingredients. Make sure to include enough protein in the form of yogurt and nut butter, as well as fruits and grains for energy. The beautiful thing about smoothies is that you can continually change up your ingredients to guarantee you never get bored.

  • Banana

Try a banana as a quick and simple option. They are carbohydrate-rich, and high in fiber and potassium, which enhances your energy. Banana is also a good choice if you’ve put off eating until the last minute. You should be able to consume one approximately 10 minutes before your workout because bananas are so easy to digest.

What you eat before, during, and after a workout, can impact not just your performance but also your comfort. Eating the appropriate energy foods at the correct time can provide you with the energy you need without stressing your digestive system.
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