Sarasota Walking Trails

sarasota walking trails

Sarasota Walking Trails

Walking is a popular activity that many people swear by. It allows you to get some fresh air and take in the beauty of nature, but it also makes it simple to get a bit of exercise in. So whether you are hiking to stay fit or as a way to relax, there are several walking trails in Sarasota, FL, that offer an exceptional experience.

Whether you want to go it alone or head out with friends, Sarasota features several naturally beautiful places to visit for a good walk, from sun-kissed beaches to lush conservation parks. To get you going, we have highlighted some of our top Sarasota walking trails below.

sarasota parks with walking trailsThe Benefits of Walking

Before we look at some of the best walking trails in Sarasota, it is important to observe the many health benefits that walking provides.

Firstly, walking is a fantastic way to get in some exercise. It improves muscle strength and balance, and it prevents weight gain. Further, a good walk each day stimulates your circulation, promoting heart health.

Additionally, walking promotes good mental health. Not only does it offer a way to destress and decompress, but the movement stimulates the release of endorphins that help manage stress and help to reduce depression and anxiety.

There are more unexpected benefits for your health that walking offers like boosting immune function, reducing the risk of breast cancer, and easing joint pain.

Getting a few good lung-fulls of fresh air does wonders for your body and improves concentration. It also helps those looking to lose weight to maintain a healthy eating plan.

Exercising goes hand-in-hand with eating a balanced diet. And if you’re not one to head home after a long walk and cook a meal, convenient services like Suncoast Meal Prep are a must. Not only do we prepare ready-made fitness meals with fresh ingredients, but our offerings are also healthy and tasty and support a healthy lifestyle.

The Best Walking Trails in Sarasota

Since taking a daily walk is so beneficial, having a beautiful setting to explore makes taking a walk or run less like exercise and more like an activity you want to spend your time doing. So, let’s take a look at some of the must-visit walking trails in Sarasota.

The Myakka River State Park

One of Florida’s largest and oldest parks, the Myakka River State Park is home to the Myakka River, which flows through 58 square miles of the conservation. Its banks are home to massive palm trees and live oaks which provide shelter for osprey and shade for alligators and turtles after hours in the sun.

In addition to the river, the park features various natural habitats, from prairies to wetlands and even pinelands that each have unique flora and fauna to discover.

This extensive conservation area is one of the Sarasota parks with walking trails that span a vast network of walking paths and back roads, making it easy for walkers to take in everything nature has to offer.

One of the more popular routes is the Deep Hole Trail which covers 4.4 miles. While this path typically takes over an hour to complete, it is considered an easy walk and features some excellent bird-watching opportunities.

But, if you’re looking for a more challenging hike, the Myakka Hiking Trail is worth trying. Generally, hikers take up to ten hours to complete the 33.6 mile loop. Better still, walkers can take their dogs along for the adventure, provided they are on a leash.

walking trails in sarasota flThe Oscar Scherer State Park

Another of the Sarasota parks with walking trails is the Oscar Scherer State Park. Located in the heart of urban Sarasota, this park is surrounded by highways and housing developments, but it provides the perfect respite right on your doorstep.

The park features over 15 miles of walking trails and links with the popular Legacy Trail. Home to the Florida Scrub-Jay, bald eagles, and other wildlife gatherings at Lake Osprey, Oscar Scherer is a must-see for nature-loving walkers.

Celery Fields Park

Celery Fields spans over 400 acres, and since it is the county’s primary storm water collection zone, it has over 100 acres of wetland area. Traversing these wetlands are two boardwalks that make it easy to take in the over 200,000 aquatic plants and trees and vibrant birdlife.

The other areas of the park feature deep ponds and pools edged with towering oaks and willows. Weaving through the park is the Celery Fields Loop, which provides a brisk 1,4km walk that makes it easy to spot wildlife and take in the beauty of nature.


Whether you want to go trail running or take a leisurely walk, these Sarasota walking trails offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. By surrounding yourself with natural beauty and exciting wildlife to view, walking becomes less of a dreaded exercise and more of an activity you look forward to each day. Better still, it promotes relaxation and wellness, boosting your overall health.

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